Our 2019-2020 School Chess Programs

All HRCA in-person chess clubs at school closed due to COVID-19 in March.  Below is the list of schools we worked with in 2019-2020 (including those that continued online after the closure).  Contact us about a Zoom chess club for your school in 2020-2021!

HRCA had full programs with coaches at the following Hampton Roads Schools in 2019-2020.

Old Donation School, Virginia Beach (ZOOM / Online)

Saint Gregory the Great School, Virginia Beach

New Castle Elementary School, Virginia Beach

Sherwood Forest Elementary School, Norfolk (ZOOM / Online)

NKA Homeschool Collective, Norfolk (ZOOM / Online)

Trantwood Elementary School, Virginia Beach (Two separate programs / days include a Club and a competition Team) (ZOOM / Online – Team) (Concluded for the Season – Club)

Granby Elementary School, Norfolk

RSA Homeschool Cooperative, Suffolk

Yeates Middle School, Suffolk

Lindenwood Elementary School, Norfolk

Syms Middle School, Hampton

Kingston Elementary School, Virginia Beach (ZOOM / Online)

We also support and partner with countless other schools by providing free curriculum resources and guidance to teachers who have started chess clubs at their schools.  A few of these include:

Great Neck Middle School, Virginia Beach

Nansemond Parkway Elementary School, Suffolk

Woodstock Elementary School, Virginia Beach

Grace Homeschool Cooperative, Virginia Beach