HRCA announcement Archive

HRCA announcement Archive

This page is an archive of important announcements by the HRCA on our home page that we want to keep for historical reasons and our members benefit.


3/5/2021 HRCA Board update.

The HRCA annual meeting was due to be held in December 2020. It was not held due to the Corona virus and VA restrictions for in person meetings. By March 2021 six of the seven Board members had resigned. Only Tom Belke remained.  Per our bylaws, he appointed six new board members in early March. They will serve until December 2021.



12/17/19 HRCA Board update.
Ernie Schlich, Cheryl Havens, and Jack Bustillos were re-elected for 2-year terms on the Board of Directors.  Christina Schweiss was re-elected for a 1-year term as President.