Weekly Homework

Homework for Week of Dec 10:

As a general suggestion, kids are strongly encouraged to continue working daily on ChessKid or Chess.com — playing games, solving puzzles, advancing levels, watching videos, etc. Finally, parents are encouraged to secure a private coach for their children.  See the link on our website for a list of coaches. Below you will find the assigned weekly homework!

Guppies: See email from Coach Rey.

Minnows: Complete ten puzzles and one level on ChessKid.

Rockfish: Purchase the Step 2 workbook. Play games and practice puzzles on ChessKid, and you can also challenge your coaches to a slow game. Coach Robbie is hotdogbob, and Coach Dick is crscruffy.

Swordfish/Dolphins Combined:

Tactics for Students book – complete ages 18-25.

Finish up the rest of the Bobby Fischer book.

List 5 facts about Jose Raul Capablanca.

Learn, play, and write notation for this game. Be prepared to play and discuss it in our next class. https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1481959

Sharks: Check your ChessKid inbox for specific instructions from Coach Larry.

Orcas: Bring one of your tournament games.  Legible, naturally, on a sheet of paper that you don’t need back.  A decent game worth looking at, not a game where your opponent dropped all their pieces or got checkmated in 5 moves.

Megalodons/Mosasaurus Combined:

White Ka1 Bb1 Rh8

Black Ka3 pawns g4 g2
White on the move, can we save the game?

Candidate Masters: No formal homework. Continue with self-study and be ready to talk about what you have been working on next class.