Weekly Homework

Weekly homework assignments for Tuesday nights at HRSCC is posted here!

Homework Due September 18, 2018:  Due to our extended break, there is no homework this week.  Many players are returning from summer-long absences, and coaches will be assessing their groups and planning how to move forward with training for the season.

Guppies (Coach Rey):  

Minnows (Coach Julie and Coach Heather):  

Rockfish (Coach Robbie and Coach Dick):  

Swordfish (Coach Justin A and Coach Bryant):  

Dolphins (Coach Scott, Coach Nathan, and Coach Gideon):  

Sharks (Coach Mark and Coach Brian):  

Orcas (Coach Jack):

Megalodons (Coach Nemanja):

Mosasaurus (Coach James):  Select, memorize, record, and submit a 15+ move opening variation in any opening (though it will be most useful to you if it’s in an opening you play).  The variation should intend to show best play for at least one player, and no obviously poor moves by either player.  Also write down the source of the variation (book, online research, YouTube video, Stockfish 9, etc.) and any other relevant information.  Be ready to explain the logic (or problems) behind the moves.