Weekly Announcements

New Announcements for Jan 28:

Hi, all!  Club this week is the same drill as the previous 3 weeks.  We are having Round 4 of the Velociraptor Junior tournament.  The standings after Round 3 are posted on the website: http://hrchessclub.org/hrscc-tournament-standings/.
Please let me know in advance if you will NOT be there, and text me if you are running late and want to be paired.  You all have been doing a GREAT job of this, and it has helped everything run smoothly and on time each week — thanks!
Reminder to also let me know IN ADVANCE if you cannot stay for the ladder any given week.  This is to prevent you being challenged by someone arriving before you.  Also, NEW THIS WEEK — with 10 Chess Bucks, you will be able to purchase a Ladder Pass, which will allow you to make the following week’s challenge before you go home this week (or any week).  This great idea from our ladder team is designed to help those kids who always arrive too late to make a challenge (because they’ve already been challenged) through no fault of their own, and who have therefore not had the opportunity to move up the ladder.
This week I will be notifying families who have yet to meet their volunteering and tournament commitments for the first half of the season that they are essentially on probation and need to get caught up.  Remember that volunteering once per month (a total of 9 volunteer credits for the season) is a club requirement, and that attending one outside (weekend) tournament per semester (new Minnows from the start of the season are allowed to backload them both into second semester) is also a club requirement.  We still have over 80 kids on the wait list, and families who fail to meet all commitments will be wait listed in September to make room for new kids to give it a shot.  We have WAY too many empty volunteer spots each week, and your dedicated permanent volunteer staff — especially Julie — is arriving to set up alone all too often, and staying to reset and clean up alone all too often.  Please pitch in.
As of a this afternoon, there were only a couple of seats left at the 1 February tournament.  I fully expect that tournament to close for registration Monday.  Please register for ALL local tournaments as early as humanly possible.  We are victims of our own success.  The next tournament is open for registration at https://www.kingregistration.com/event/Leap-Saturday It is a super cool event that will only be held once every 28 years — don’t miss it!  This is a great chance for all of our Rockfish on the fence to go rated in the special Leap Into Rated section, and the Open, U1200, U800, and U400 sections provide competition for ALL of our rated kids, including Candidate Masters.  Sorry, no Rookies at this one.  You can always check out other tournament opportunities on our website at http://hrchessclub.org/tournament-opportunities/.
See you Tuesday!
VOLUNTEER REMINDER:  Each family is REQUIRED to volunteer 9 times / 9 hours during the school year.  There are 40 families who have not yet volunteered in September.  Pay attention to those e-mails that come from Sign-up Genius.  There are also links on our Facebook page and website.  Sign up for a job, check in for the job, and get credit!
As a gentle reminder… NEW ROOMS
Room assignments (room number and our descriptive nicknames):
Guppies: Conference Room (104 downstairs)
Minnows:  220 Blue Room
Rockfish:  224 Big Room
Swordfish: Church Lobby
Dolphins:  223 Corner Room
Sharks:  Nursery
Orcas: 222 Couch Room
Megalodons/Mosasaurus Combined:  221 Fridge Room
Candidate Masters:  Downstairs in the choir room
Let me know if you have any questions!

Looking ahead: 

Check out at all of the great opportunities for tournaments coming up!


Inclement Weather Policy

HRSCC follows the guidance of Virginia Beach City Public Schools for cancellations.  If school is cancelled or released early, or if after school activities are cancelled due to inclement weather, HRSCC will be cancelled that day.

Standing Announcements:

Please continue to sign up to Volunteer (once per month required).  Use the link pinned to the top of the Facebook page or from the Volunteer tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu to sign up in advance.  Our volunteer coordinator is logging your hours for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (adults and kids).  If you would like to submit retroactive hours, please see Amy Nichols at club.

It is imperative that you let Coach Tina know in advance if you will NOT be at club.  This allows us to enter Byes in advance and know how many board numbers to lay out, saving time and allowing us to run each club meeting smoothly.  E-Mail prior to 4 PM on Tuesdays if possible.  Last minute absences (e.g. child comes home sick from school, car breaks down, impossible traffic, etc.) should be texted to 757-535-3880 prior to 5:30 PM, as should planned late arrivals.  Rounds will start between 6 and 6:15 PM weekly, so if you can guarantee arrival by 6, you will be paired (but you will miss training).  If you are a “no show” (absent with no notice), you will receive a zero point bye for that night’s round.  If your absence is known in advance, you are entitled to one half point bye per tournament.  Subsequent absences will receive a zero point bye for the same tournament.  Despite these pleas, we continue to have a few no-shows each week.

Chess Bucks:  Chess bucks (which replaced tickets) are awarded at check-in for ChessKid usage, tournament attendance, homework, etc.  See the Weekly Homework tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu for your assignments!   The chess store will be open each week for you to purchase items with your chess bucks.