Weekly Announcements

This page is intended to replace e-mails for weekly HRSCC announcements.

HRSCC was cancelled September 11th, 2018 as a result of preparations for Hurricane Florence, including mandatory evacuations in Virginia Beach.  Luckily, the storm missed us, and we will resume normal club on the 18th.

September 18th marks the beginning of our competition season!

Our normal night means checking in with Coach Tina as close to 5 as possible, making your Ladder challenge, and going to training until 6 or 6:15.  Training will be followed by a tournament round, after which you will turn in your result slip, play your Ladder game, and go home.

SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER.  Go to the Volunteer drop-down link from the HRSCC menu.  The link to the new Sign-up Genius is found there.   You are required to volunteer a minimum of once per month.  We absolutely cannot run a club this size without volunteers.  ALL slots must be filled for club to run smoothly.  If volunteers taper off, I may have to cancel club nights rather than face the chaos.  Note that we will now be awarding the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards to our volunteers.

We need a new Librarian / Logistician – permanent volunteer staff position.  See Tina.

There is no Ladder this week.  Since we missed the meeting where we were going to present summer awards, we will be doing this in between training and the tournament this week.  We will also be conducting new player orientation for all the kids who are new to tournaments.  This will be done in the Rookie rooms at the start of the round.  Please review this document with your child in advance of this Tuesday to make orientation go quicker:  HRSCC NEW PLAYER ORIENTATION.

It is now imperative that you let Coach Tina know in advance if you will NOT be at club.  This allows us to enter Byes in advance and know how many board numbers to lay out, saving time and allowing us to run each club meeting smoothly.  E-Mail prior to 4 PM on Tuesdays if possible.  Last minute absences (e.g. child comes home sick from school, car breaks down, impossible traffic, etc.) should be texted to 757-535-3880 prior to 5:30 PM, as should planned late arrivals.  Rounds will start between 6 and 6:15 PM weekly, so if you can guarantee arrival by 6, you will be paired (but you will miss training).  If you are a “no show” (absent with no notice), you will receive a zero point bye for that night’s round.  If your absence is known in advance, you are entitled to one half point bye per tournament.  Subsequent absences will receive a zero point bye for the same tournament.

Each child will be entered in the appropriate section unless a parent contacts us in advance to ask for the child to “play up” in a higher section.  Playing up requires approval of the club director (Coach Tina).

This season’s sections (based on current enrollment) are as follows:

Guppy / Minnow Rookie

Rockfish Rookie

Novice / Under 400

Amateur / Under 800

Open (800+)

Initial entries for our Season Opener Swiss are found under the HRSCC drop-down menu, Tournament Standings.  Please check your entry and let Coach Tina know if you want a change.

Tickets:  Coach Tina will only be issuing tickets for weekly ChessKid usage starting this week.  Tickets for attendance are contingent on good behavior in class and will be awarded by the coaches, as will homework (workbooks, etc.) tickets.  Coach Tina will also issue tickets for extra activity such as participation in external tournaments.  The chess store will be open each week for you to purchase items with your tickets.

Don’t forget to register for three upcoming tournaments in our area:

Go to www.vschess.org to register for the Grafton Fall Scholastic on September 22nd, which is the season kick-off for the Virginia Scholastic Chess Association.  This event is in Yorktown.

Go to Special Events drop-down menu on this page to register for the IndiaFest tournament on September 29th.  This is a fun, quick-rated only tournament with the top three players in each section being recognized on stage at IndiaFest in November.

Also under Special Events, you will find the National Chess Day tournament at MacArthur Center Mall.  There will be Blitz and Bughouse in the morning, as well as a simultaneous exhibition, followed by a quick-rated only tournament in the afternoon, a full day of celebrating the Game of Kings!

This website has been updated.  Take some time to look at important pages such as Homework, Tournament Clearinghouse, Private Coaches, Special Events, as well as the Calendar.  The new 2018-2019 schedule for HRSCC is now posted on the website.  More helpful information is coming soon, so check back frequently!

See you Tuesday!