Tournament Opportunities

This is a fairly comprehensive list of selected tournaments, mostly in the mid-Atlantic, that are suitable for our players.  You should also check out the Virginia Chess Federation page and click on “Clearinghouse” for upcoming tournaments in our region.   You can also check out the VSCA calendar here for smaller events and be sure to click through all the tabs.


April 26-28:  USCF National Junior High (K-9) Championship (Texas).

– USCF members only, grades K-9.  Recommended for Middle School Students through High School Freshmen and their younger siblings, or players in this age range for which this date and location work best.

April 27:  MacArthur Mall Spring Chess Festival (Norfolk)

– Sections for rated and unrated players as well as Bughouse and Blitz competitions, register online here. All ages.

April 28: Canterbury Woods February Scholastic Chess Tournament (Annandale, VA/DC area).

– Unrated tournament, grades K-6.

May 4:  District of Columbia All Girls Spring Scholastic

– Rated and unrated sections, grades K-12.  Girls only!!!

May 10-12:  USCF National Elementary (K-6) Championship.  Nashville — details forthcoming

– USCF members only, grades K-6.  Recommended for all students in this age range.

May 18:  Meadowdale Spring Scholastic and Quads — stay tuned to VSCA for details.

May 23-27 (with short sections available starting May 25th):  7th Cherry Blossom Classic

– USCF members only, suitable for all ages and abilities. Saturday Scholastic event available.

June 1:  VSCA Tournament (Virginia Beach)

 Sections for rated and unrated players; stay tuned to this website for details and registration links.

June 1:  Maryland Chess Roland Park June Scholastic 2019

– USCF members only, grades K-12 from anywhere.

June 8:  Sangster Showdown (Springfield / DC)

– USCF members only, grades K-8.  Suitable for all players in this age range.

June 14-16:  8th Annual Continental Class Championships (Falls Church / DC area)

– USCF members only, all ages.  Recommended for Orcas and up.

July 13-14: 29th Annual Charlottesville Open (Charlottesville, VA)

– USCF members only, open and U1700 sections.

August 23-25: 51st annual Atlantic Open (Falls Church, VA)

– Rated only. Recommended for Orcas and up.